Stars :)

With  the word countless the first thing that came to my mind was stars.


Imagine! How if you were born in stars. Everything would have been different for you. Every morning you would have opened your eyes to the countless stars in the sky. The whole palace draped in white, from your cloth to your bedsheet everything in white.  Think about you palace made of white ice bricks, with ice flooring and furniture carved through ice.What if your pram would also be a production of ice. Your father and mother wearing a white robe. You as their little prince or princess wearing small white dress with white boots.White waterfalls, White clouds and everything just dipped in white.With your smile stars would have glittered and with your tears it wouldn’t have shown that day.


Now, envision about how would have you been to the neighbourhood. May be through ladder joining your star with the neighbouhood star. How would have you traveled to long distant relative, a car or a spaceship, else on a car looking like spaceship.

The star will be your home. No one else would dwell on it. Decorating your star would have been your purpose. So to shine brightly than others you would have kept yourself happy all day. Wearing white dresses and putting up light make-up would make your star look more bright. You would have your own large palace and to maintain that palace would have been your only work to do. There would not be any quarrel as one family on one star. Countless people on countless stars.


And when the generation of a family will be exuasted then the star will fall.

Dwelling on star can make you a fanciful person. Now you can draw your own world of fantasies. Do tell me about your fantasies.


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