Random Thoughts :)


Last night I was lying on my bed staring at the roof; struggling to sleep and mind was babbling with unlimited useless thoughts. Thinking about work I have to do, what others would do, what new I have to buy, when to visit to my sister’s house and many other bunkum thoughts. Among these thoughts, a funny thought germinated in my fleshy boneless structure; it was the thought of being idle. What if we do not have to work our whole life, have not to pay anything for everything? How good it would be that we are sitting in balcony, sipping coffee and spending all our moment in peace. No running after buses, no waiting for cabs, no office tension, no tension of payments, no tension of salaries, just a happy life at my place.

What would be my routine then?Getting up late in morning, eating when I want to, spending quality time in tranquility, spending beautiful time with family and friends and loving life. These pondering thoughts flown with the blowing air of fan above my head and a different and unhappy thought float my mind; how many days I can spend sitting idle? Would I be really happy sitting idle? Will my mind be at peace, when it is not at peace now when I am idle? The answer to these questions was that sitting idle is not what I want. I want to be happy. I want to be at peace doing my work. I want my mind to be at peace; which will be at peace only if I am happy about my work, about my life, about the conditions I am living in. Actually I will be happy only when I will be satisfied with what I have and what I want.


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