|| आज हम पर है,

कल तुम पर आएगा,

वक्त ही तो है,

आखिर बदल जायेगा ||

Time is something we cannot rely on. You don’t know about the next moment. You were happy a moment ago; and now you are not. Time do not stop for anyone, nor should we be stagnant. There are obviously some low times in our life but time doesn’t stop there. It’s just a beginning; a beginning of new war with life; a war to win upon.

Time is like a sand; more you try to hold it tightly into your hands more it will run out of your hands. I’m sure it is easy for many of us to say that we should not waste time because time is precious. Denying this fact of time would be idiocy. So, I won’t deny but instead favor it and will put up a question for you? What according to you is wastage of time?

I’ll wait for the responses and then will let you know my views upon wastage of time.


6 thoughts on “Time

  1. wastage of time is when you have a thing to do and instead of spending the time doing it, you are spending it doing something that is far from it and not important; not using time for a chosen purpose for that time.


    1. Sir, thank you for your comment. I’ll soon update my blog with my views about wastage of time. Meanwhile, I would request you to let me know among all the activities you perform; which of them you feel is mere wastage of time. I’m sure there would be some activities which you repeat daily and you like doing it but you feel is just wastage of time.


      1. Thanks for your question. I try out many activities on my blog and some do not turn out well. I am still trying them. It is not good to give up or call them wastage of time without having tried long enough. Sometimes the things that appear to be going wrong are actually going right..

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  2. Thanks for your reply sir. I’m waiting for more comments for the same; as it would be interesting to read others view also. I’ll wait for another one week and then I would update with the continuum blog 🙂


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