Thank you for your response. I agree with you because after all everyone has their own views and perspective. I regard your opinion and really enthusiastic to tell you my views.

Wastage of time really mean sitting idle, not doing anything? When I was a kid my mother used to scold me when I used to get up late in the morning and taunt me saying I waste time. She would be right in her own sense but for me time wastage is not all about sitting idle, sleeping, watching movies and doing things other than your work (homework or office work).

For me, those people who are sitting long hours in front of screen filled with monotony, spending lots of time to solve things which actually isn’t working, doing the same work for hours and spending whole life serving others are wasting time. Money is the need of an hour. Who can deny this fact? I can’t. Money is precious and so is time, agree? so spending one precious thing to get another is mere baloney. Earning money at the cost of time is not worth it.

Someone asked me what is more precious time or money and in a nanosecond I replied “TIME”. That person on my sudden response was so shock that he din’t even ask me why? But then I said him,’ Time is something which actually adds memories in your treasure whereas Money adds papers in your treasure; after death you might carry your memories with you but you can’t carry these paper there. So why waste time in collecting these papers? Why not utilize this time to create memories?

Let’s party hard this weekend, spend time with our loved ones, keep some time for ourselves, pamper ourselves, make ourselves feel beautiful, make your parents happy,celebrate b’days, find reasons for meeting with your loved ones. This doesn’t mean that you don’t work and just treasure memories but instead you can treasure memories at your workplace also. We are not in any competition. We aren’t running race. We are living a life. A life which is very short. So, enjoy your work rather than being jealous of others, love others and appreciate others, spend money on yourselves and your loved ones, make sure you live happily because, time gone will never come back and you will be left only with regret and nothing else.



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