Truth of life

What is the ultimate destination? Where are we leading? These were some questions that provoked my thoughts when I was reading Emily Dickinson’s collection of poems about life.

Man is running to achieve the goal but is unaware of the ultimate destination. He is running after the materialistic thing, fighting for it, killing in the name of religion or god, and causing destruction for what? For surviving? Seriously?

Do we really want all these things we are running for? Are we at peace? Will we find peace after achieving all that we want? No, is the only answer to all these questions. Neither we are at peace, nor we will be. The reason is that we are never satisfied in our life. We always have quest to achieve more and more. Man is blind, he is unable to see the truth of life. Why it happens that man in his last days become more spiritual and not before that? The leisure we are running for, will not help us at the death bed. Perhaps, this is the reason why in old age only, man turn towards god.The truth of life is that how big your car may be, you would be carried for cremation on the four shoulders or in an ambulance. How luxurious your bed would be but you would lay down on pyre before the ‘Antyeshi’. How big your bungalow would be but your body would be burnt at crematorium. Are we killing people because they are richer in wealth than us? Or killing them because they do not belong to our religion/ our caste? So, what are we running for?

More than anger, I am filled with compassion for the human race. I am sorry for the condition of man. As I wrote in my earlier blogs run to create memories an not money. Life is a thing with feathers which will flew away without letting you know. So, instead of creating houses, create relations. Instead of collecting money, collect memories. Spread love and happiness.





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