Change is the only permanent thing in the world!


Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, was established in the year 1929. It is one of the largest and oldest board of secondary education in India. It has more than 16000 affiliated schools in India and across 24 other countries of the world.

CBSE has worked hard to bring about large number of changes in the system. I appreciate the effort made by CBSE, but personally I feel that the changes brought are not working in the right direction. Though the results have improved but on what cost? Do students are getting that knowledge which they are supposed to get? Are they really working hard to score or the scores are being given to improve the stats?

We can see that earlier it was really difficult to score 90% in tenth and twelfth boards but the times have changed, it has become so easy to score 90% nowadays. This marking system has not reduced the pressure on students instead has increased it manifold. The students even scoring 90-95% are not able to get admission to good colleges. Competition has reached to zenith and the sufferers are none other than students. Changes should be for the good. It is poignant to notice that changes brought are not a wise move made by CBSE. It has not caused any good to children.

The other change which CBSE  had brought is choice in 10th boards. Tenth boards, in my opinion are the base for the twelfth class. Students in tenth class are able to get the pattern of board and get to know the pattern to attempt it. Though students have been given choice to give boards or not but the seriousness of tenth class board has just dissipate and this is nagging the mind of the child, because the child get serious only in twelfth and sudden pressure in mind drag them to depression. The Grading system in tenth class is like cherry on the cake.

India’s three-year old ban on failing students till Class 8 has attracted its sharpest criticism yet, with the parliamentary standing committee on human resource development (HRD) blaming the policy for consistently declining standards in reading and math across the country’s schools. This policy when introduced have somehow relieved the students and parents stress but didn’t make them aware of the problems related to it in the distant future. This policy is now being reconsidered by CABE (central advisory board of education) which I think is the matter of relief.

However, the CCE pattern introduced by CBSE is also not fully successful as the students are happy to score from non-scholastic activities in schools which is thus not affecting overall result of the student but however degrading the scholastic result of student. Though CCE pattern introduced is a nice concept as it helps in holistic development of child but a matter of fact is that the marks distribution under CCE is needed to be revised focussing more on scholastic activities.

Changes are the only permanent thing in life and I hope that these changes doesn’t permanently spoil the life of children.




Be Happy!!

I am not surprised about the stress that is getting upon the nerves of people nowadays. Long working hours, unhealthy diet, desk job, office politics and what not; everything is just adding to your stress. I am worried about the world where stress is more than the calmness. My first blog is about being happy, relaxed, calm; which will not only make you satisfied but will also increase days to your short life.

Stress is something which is inbuilt and not environmental. I agree upon it that environment adds up to the stress but in my opinion only 20%, rest lies in our mind; our psychology. Hardships are the vehicle of life. If there won’t be hardships why would we think? Why would we work? The question is why should these hardships of life create stress in our life? Well I believe the peaceful mind works better. More you will think about hard goings of life, more the stress would get onto your nerves. And more difficult it would be for you to come over the problems of life.

Why a problem be treated as a problem and not as a challenge? Why competition should be taken as rivalry and not as friendliness? The thing is, what we think is what creates stress in our life. Our psychology really matters a lot. Foremost, it is important for us is to LET THINGS GO! Do not just let it flow from your heart to your mind. If something troubles you and you aren’t getting its solution, so let it go. And you will see things themselves get into its place. Taking things into your hand and keeping it on your head as a crown would not make your life easier. Pick up things which you think is good for you and it will not create stress for you and let go other things.

Secondly, pick out some time from your busy schedule for yourself. Look about your actions; it should not be such that would hurt others, look about things which you have done; if needed improve them, look out what you want in your life; but of course make sure it should not get onto your mind. Every second you give to yourself should focus on how you can be a better person? Only then time is worth spending else a mere wastage.

Thirdly, you should  steal some minutes from your long working hours to take a walk or to relax. This would add to your efficiency and effectiveness and trust me it will not be wastage of your precious time.

Lastly, make sure you eat healthy and take proper sleep of at least eight hours a day because healthy mind works better than a wealthy mind.

At the end I would say change your psychology; take things positive and you will see that life is much easier and happier.